Palace of Manjak al-Yūsufī (Cairo)

Located at the beginning of Sharia Sūq al-Silāḥ, Cairo.

Photographs taken by Simon Rousselot on November 2019

Only the entrance gate remains. Two emblems are engraved on the facade, several others are painted inside.

Inscription inside the gate:

أمر بإنشاء هذا المكان المبارك المقرّ الأشرف العالي المولوي الأميري الكبيري … السيفي سيف الدين منجك السلاح دار الملكي المظفّري

Ordered to build this blessed place His Most Noble and High Excellency, our Lord, the Great Amir … Sayf al-Dīn Manjak, the armour-bearer, (officer) of al-Malik al-Muẓaffar…

Possible dating: 747/1346-748/1347 (during the reign of al-Muẓaffar Ḥājjī)

Close-ups of the emblem:

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