Mausoleum of Yūnus al-Dawādār (Cairo)

Located in Bab al-Wazir Cemetery and close to the Citadel, Cairo.

Photographs taken by Simon Rousselot on November 2019

Several emblems dividing the inscription at the base of the dome.

امر بإنشاء هذه التربة المباركة من فضل الله تعالى وجزيل عطائه المقرّ العالي الأميري الكبيري الأجلّي المحترمي المخدومي الشرفي يونس النيروزي الدوادار الملكي الظاهري

The foundation of this blessed tomb was ordered, through the grace of God and the abundance of his gifts, by His High Excellency, the Great Amir, the Magnificent, the Honored, he Well-Served, Sharaf al-Dīn Yūnus al-Nayrūzī, the dawādār of al-Malik al-Ẓāhir.

Possible dating: 784/1382-83

Close-up of the emblem:

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