Mausoleum of Sūdūn b. Jānībak (Cairo)

Located in the Southern Cemetery, Cairo.

Photographs taken by Simon Rousselot on November 2019

Several emblems dividing the qur’ānic inscription at the base of the dome. Epigraphic emblems of sultan Qānṣūh al-Ghawrī on the north and south facades.

The essential portion of the historical inscription:

امر بإنشاء هذا المكان المبرك … المقرّ الأشرف الكريم العالي المولوي الأميري الكبيري … السيفي سودون أمير مجلس بالديار المصرية الملكي الأشرفي

Ordered the construction of the blessed place… His Most Noble and Honorable High Excellency, our Lord, the Great Amir… Sayf al-Dīn Sūdūn, amīr majlis in the province of Egypt, (officer) of al-Malik al-Ashraf.

Epigraphic emblems:

ابو النصر قانصوة الغوري عز لمولانا السلطان الملك الاشرف عز نصره

Ābū’l-Nāṣr Qānṣūh al-Ghawrī (u) Glory to our lord the sultan al-Malik al-Ashraf (c) May his victory be glorified (l)

Possible dating: between 908/1502 (his appointment as amīr majlis) and 917/1511 (his promotion to the rank of amīr silāḥ).

Close-up of the emblem:

For more details:

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