Glass lamp for Ulmās al-Hajib

Conserved at the Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo.

Three emblems dividing the neck inscription, three at the bottom of the body. All the same.

Body inscription:

ممّا عمل برسم الجامع المعمو بذكر الله تعالى وقف المقرّ العالي السيفي الماس أمير حاجب الملكي الناصري

This is one of the objects made for the Mosque that propers by the worship of God the Exalted, a pious foundation of His High Excellency, Sayf al-Dīn Ulmās, Amir-Chamberlain of al-Malik al-Nāṣir.

Possible dating: before 734/1333

Close-up of the emblem:

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