Tray for Muḥammad b. Kitbughā (Cairo)

Conserved at the Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo.

Nine emblems. It seems that the round one was meant to replace the almond-shaped one.

Outer inscription:

ممّا عمل برسم الجناب الكريم العالي المولوي الناصري امير محمّد بن المقرّ الشريف المرحوم الزيني كتبغا عزّ نصره

This is one of the objects made for His Honorable and High Excellency, our Lord, Nāṣir al-dīn Amīr Muḥammad, son of His Noble Excellency, the late Zayn al-dīn Kitbughā, may his victory be glorious.

Possible dating: e. 14th century


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