Glass globe for ‘Azīz al-‘Alāwī

Conserved at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

Three emblems dividing the body inscription.

ممّا عمل برسم المقرّ الأشرف العالي المولوي الكبيري المحترمي المخدومي السيفي عزيز العلاوي الملكي الصالحي عزّ نصره

This is one of the objects made for the most Noble and High Excellency, our Lord, the Great (Amir), the Honored, the Well-Served, Sayf al-Dīn ‘Azīz al-‘Alāwī, (officer) of al-Malik al-Ṣāliḥ, may his victory be glorious.

Possible dating: between 742/1342 and 792/1390

Dimensions: 14,5×14,1cm

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