Fountain ‘Ayn al-Tīna (Tripoli)

A public fountain locally known as ‘Ayn al-Tīna, Tripoli (Lebanon).

Photographs taken by Simon Rousselot on February 2019

Four emblems on the corners of the inscription embedded in the niche of the fountain (the reading is really difficult as it is almost erased).

Blank upper and lower fields, central field with a pen-box

بسماه … أنشأ هذا السبيل الفقير الى الله تعالى محمّد بن المرحوم ز ين الدين مباركشاه العلائي في مستهلّ … سنة ستّ عشرة

… Constructed this public fountain, the servant yearning for God the Exalted, Muḥammad, son of the late Zayf al-Dīn Mubārakshāh al-‘Alā’ī, the 1st… of the year 816 (began 3rd April 1413).

Possible dating: around 816/1413

Close-up of the inscription:


To the index of civil officials

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