Madrasa al-Khātūniyya (Tripoli)

Madrasa built by Aydamur al-Ānūkī, Tripoli (Lebanon).

Photographs taken by Simon Rousselot on February 2019

One emblem over the lintel of the three windows.

انشأ هذا المكان المبارك مولانا المقرّ الأشرف العالي المولوي المخدومي الكافلي العزّي ايدمر الأشرفي مولانا ملك الأمرآء … وكان الفراغ من ذلك في سنة خمس وسبعين وسبعمائة

Constructed this blessed place our Lord His Most Noble and High Excellency, our Lord, the Well-Served, the Viceroy, ‘Izz al-Dīn Aydamur al-Ashrafī, our Lord the Governor-General… and this (work) was finished in the year 775 (1373-74)

Possible dating: before 775/1373-74

More photographs:

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