Tomb of sultan Baraka Khān (Jerusalem)

Located in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel.

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Two emblems framing an inscription above a window:

أنشأ هذا الشبّاك والقبّة بتربة المرحوم الشهيد الملك حسام الدين بركة خان والقنطرة وعلوّها والبوّابة المباركة والحوانيت وعلوّهم وخمس بيوت بدار الوقف الفقير الى الله تعالى محمّد بن أحمد بن تمر العلائي لطف الله به في مستهلّ القعدة الحرام سنة اثنين وتسعين وسبعمائة

This window and the dome in the mausoleum of the late martyr Prince Ḥusām al-dīn Baraka Khān and the arch and the [rooms] above it and the blessed portal and the through and the shops and the [rooms] above them and five houses in the waqf-house have been constructed by the one yearning for God the Exalted, Muḥammad son of Aḥmad, son of Timur al-‘Alā’ī, may God show kindness unto him, on the 1st of the sacred Dhu-l-Qa’da of the year 792 (11th October 1390).

Possible dating: 792/1390

Close-up of the emblem:

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