Aqueduct of emir Ṭānyaraq

Located by the Oronte, north of the Main Mosque in Hama, Syria.

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One emblem next to the inscription:

أنشئت هذا الناعورة الكبيرة والمباركة […] في أيّام مولانا المقرّ الأشرف السيفي طان يرق كافل المملكة الحمويّة في سلخ سنة ثلاث وستّين وسبعمائة

This big and blessed water-wheel was constructed… in the days of our Lord, His Most Noble Excellency Sayf al-dīn Ṭānyaraq, Viceroy of the province of Hama, during the last days of the year 763 (October 1362).

Possible dating: 763/1362

Close-up of the emblem:

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