Madrasa al-Tankizīyya (Jerusalem)

Located next to Bāb al-Silsila in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel.

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Three emblems dividing the inscription above the entrance gate:

بسمله … أنشأ هذا المكان المبارك راجياً شواب الله وعفوه المقرّ الكريم السيفي تنكز الملكي الناصري عفا الله عنه وأثابه [وذلك في شهور] سنة تسع وعشرين وسبعمائة

… Founded this blessed building in the hope of God’s reward and forgiveness, His Honourable Excellency Sayf al-dīn Tankiz, (officer) of al-Malik al-Nāṣir, may God forgive him and give him a reward. [This was made during] the year 729 (1328-29).

Possible dating: 729/1328-29

Close-up of the emblem:

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