Lions of sultan Baybars at Jisr Jindās (Israel)

Located at the Bridge Jindās on the road to Lod, Israel.

Two lions framing an inscription:

بسمله … وصلواته على سيّدنا محمّد وصحبه وآله أجمعين أمر بعمارة هذا الجسر المبارك مولانا السلطان الأعظم الملك الظاهر ركن الدين بيبرس بن عبد الله فى أيّام ولده مولانا السلطان الملك السعيد ناصر الدين بركة خان أعزّ الله أنصارهما وغفر لهما وذلك بولاية العبد الفقير الى رحمة الله علاء الدين علىّ السوّاق غفر الله له ولوالديه فى شهر رمضان سنة أحد وسبعين وستمائة

In the name of the most merciful God, whose blessings be on our Lord Muḥammad and all his companions. Ordered to build this blessed bridge our Lord, the most August Sultan al-Malik al-Ẓāhir, Rukn al-dunyā wa-l-dīn, Baybars son of ‘Abdallāh, in the name of his son, our Lord the Sultan al-Malik al-Sa’īd Nāṣir al-dīn Baraka Khān, may God make their victories glorious and forgive both of them. This (was done) under the direction of the servant yearning for the mercy of God ‘Alā’ al-dīn ‘Alī al-Sawwāq, may God have mercy on him and on his parents, in the month of Ramaḍān 671 (began 22nd March 1273).

Possible dating: 671/1273

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