Stone panel for Qānṣūh al-Ghawrī

Conserved at the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam.

Depicting the epigraphic emblem of the sultan.

Qānṣūh al-Ghawrī (u), Glory to our Lord, the Sultan al-Malik al-Ashraf (c), May his victory be glorious (l)

Possible dating: between 906/1501 and 922/1516

For more information:[obj_98092]&showtype=record#/query/f6833e2b-57c6-4969-8abb-c0cb55a79e5b

Many thanks to Mirjam Shatanawi, curator of the Middle Eastern and North African collections at the Tropenmuseum for bringing this item to my attention.

To sultan Qānṣūh al-Ghawrī’s page

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