Krak des Chevaliers (Syria)

Located in Western Syria, close to the Lebanese border.

Three inscriptions flanked by the lion of sultan Baybars, one over the entrance gate, one on the round south-western tower and the last one on the round south-eastern tower.

Entrance inscription:


أمر بتجديد هذا الحصن المبارك في دولة مولانا السلطان الملك الظاهر العالم 

العادل المجاهد المرابط المؤيّد المظفّر المنصور ركن الدنيا والدين أبو الفتح بيبرس قسيم أمير المؤمنين وذلك بتأريخ نهار يوم الثلاثاء خامس وعشرين من شعبان سنة تسع وستّين وستّمائة

In the name of the most merciful God. It was ordered to renew this blessed fortress during the reign of our Lord, the Sultan al-Malik al-Ẓāhir, the Learned, the Just, the Defender of the Faith, the Warrior at the Frontiers, the Helped by God, the Victorious, Rukn al-dunyā wa-l-dīn, Abu-l-Fatḥ Baybars, the Associate of the Commander of the Faithful, on Tuesday, 25th Sha’bān 669 (8th April 1271).

Possible dating: 669/1271

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