Foundation text with the name of Salmā (Cairo)

Belonging to a public fountain that was embedded in the wall of the Turkumani Mosque, Cairo.

Scan from Saracenic Heraldry

One emblem in the centre of the inscription:

هذا السبيل المبارك … الجاخّة سلما زوجة الجناب المرحوم العلائي أمير عليّ بن التركماني وذلك في شهر ربيع الأوّل سنة … أربعين وسبعمائة من الهجرة

[Ordered the construction?] of this blessed fountain… the pilgrim Salmā, wife of His Excellency, the late ‘Alā’ Amir al-dīn ‘Alī b. al-Turkumānī. This was done in the month of Rabī’ I of the year 740 of the Hijra (began 6th September 1339)…

Possible dating: 740/1339

To the list of emirs

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