Bāb Anṭākiyya 1 (Aleppo)

Bāb Anṭākiyya, Aleppo. This is the same monument as the one of emir Kumushbughā.

Photographs from monummamluk-syrie.org

Above the entrance, underneath the arch. Four emblems framing an inscription:

عزّ يدوم ونعمة وسعادة لمقام مالكنا المليك الناصري ملك المشارق

والمغارب خادم الحرمين عهد من أبيه الظاهري أمر

بتجديده بعد دثوره مولانا المقرّ الأشرف السيفي دقماق

الملكي الناصري كافل المملكة الشريفة الحلبيّة المحروسة أعزّ الله تعالى أنصاره بتأريخ شهر شعبان سنة أربع وثمانمائة

Glory may last and grace and happiness for His Majesty, our King, al-Malik al-Nāṣir, King of the East and the West, Servant of both Ḥaram-s (scl. at Mecca and Medina), inheritor of his father (al-Malik) al-Ẓāhir. Ordered its renewal after its destruction our Lord, His Most Noble Excellency, Sayf al-dīn Duqmāq, (officer) of al-Malik al-Nāṣir, Viceroy of the noble and protected province of Aleppo, my God make his victories glorious. In the month of Sha’bān of the year 804 (began 6th March 1402).

Possible dating: 804/1402

Close-up of the emblem:

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