Mosque al-Utrush (Aleppo)

Located on the south of the Citadel of Aleppo, Syria.

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Two emblems flanking the inscription on the lintel of the side door:

عمّر هذا الجامع المبرور ابتغا لوجه الله تعالى المقرّ الأشرف العالي المولوي العالمي العادلي المخدومي الكافلي

السيفي دمرداش الناصري مولانا ملك الأمراء كافل المملكتين الشريفتين الحلبيّة والطرابلسيّة أعزّ الله أنصاره وضاعف اقتداره

بمحمّد وآله بتواّي العبد الفقير الى الله تعالى يوسف الأشرفي وكان الفراغ منه سلخ شعبان المكرّم سنة اثنا عشر وثمان ماية

In his desire to please God the Exalted built this pious mosque His Most Noble and High Excellency, our Lord, the Learned, the Just, the Well-Served, the Viceroyal Sayf al-dīn Damurdāsh al-Nāṣirī, our Lord, Governor-General, Viceroy of the two Noble Provinces of Aleppo and Tripoli, may God make his victories glorious and double his power through Muḥammad and his family. Under the supervision of the servant yearning for God the Exalted, Yūsuf al-Ashrafī. It was completed the last day of the honored Sha’bān of the year 812 (6th January 1410).

Possible dating: 812/1410

Close-up of the emblem:

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