Lid of a cenotaph

Conserved in the 1930’s at the National Syrian Museum, Damascus.

Scan from Saracenic Heraldry

An emblem on each of the long sides, above the inscription:

بسمله … هذا قبر الفقيرة الى الله المتوفّاة في سبيل الله بحني بنت عبد الله عتيقة الجناب العالي السيفي أسندمر السلحدار المنصوري الأشرفّي توفيت يوم الأحد تاسع رجب الفرد سنة تسعين وستّمائة رحمها الله ورحم من ترحّم عليها

In the name of the most merciful God. This is the tomb of the woman yearning for God, who died in the path of God [1 word] daughter of ‘Abdallāh, the freed slave (wife) of His High Excellency, Sayf al-dīn Asandamur, the amour-bearer, (officer) of (al-Malik) al-Manṣūr (and al-Malik) al-Ashraf. Passed away the 9th Rajab the Unique of the year 690 (8th July 1291), may God have mercy upon her.

Possible dating: around 690/1291

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